Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 12/1 - 12:43pm

Charlie Parkman is in PRMC/South - Room 315.  He was admitted yesterday afternoon, after a bone scan showed his blood count was really low.  His Parkinson's medication may be interferring with his blood cell production.  They are giving him a blood transfusion today.  They will be discussing with the doctors, his options going forward, as this is life threatening.  Charlie asks for our prayers. 
Just a note:  If you have any idea that you may be ill - please don't go visit Mr. Charlie.  Thanks!

Kimberly Daniels is waiting for Children's Medical Center/Dallas to get back in touch with her so they can get Payden admitted for observation.  He had another seizure last night and the neurologist increased his meds for his night dose.  Please keep, not only Payden but, Kimberly in your prayers.

Jan Jenkot (former member, who's daughter Jamie just passed away last month), had a heart attack sometime over the holiday week.  She was hospitalized Sunday in Durant and sent to OKC yesterday.  They put in 2 stints - 99% blockage in one & 90% in the other.  (They did the procedure where they went through her wrist, not her groin.)  She is doing great and will come home today.  Please keep this family on your hearts as Jan recovers.

Phil Fletcher (friend of the Bulls) is continuing to be in Medical City/Dallas.  He had an allergic reaction to a heart rhythm medication that has injured his lungs severely.  (They have trouble holding oxygen.)  He is in a drug induced coma to try to hellp his lungs repair themselves.  This may take as long as 7-8 weeks if successful.  His wife Carolyn asks that we please keep him in our prayers.

There's so much sickness going around right now - please take care of yourself!

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