Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 12/1 - 9:23pm

Please keep little Payden Daniels in your prayers over the next couple of days.  He will be admitted to Children's Medical Center/Dallas for 48 hours observation. 
You're going to think that this is a "strange" prayer request - but please pray that one of the episodes happens while they are there, in the hospital, and he's hooked up to the machine. 
He only gets a 30 minute playtime in the morning and a 30 minute playtime in the evening - the rest of the time they are in a confined room.  You know this will be hard on a 3 yr old, and his Mommy.  So, please also pray for Kimberly as she is nervous about this and yet she wants them to find out what's causing these new seizures.

(This picture will give you an idea of what this little guy goes through while he's there - this was taken back in the Spring, on his last visit. There are numerous electrodes attached to his head, then they wrap it with gauze, they are then attached to a machine that he has to carry that the electrodes are hooked up to....then it's attached to the wall, sort of like he's a leash.)

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