Monday, April 26, 2010

Prayer Request Update - 4/26 - 9:13pm

Maurine Spencer sent this message today:  "Please add my grandfather to the prayer request list. His name is Richard Parker and he left his house in Aquilla, TX (by Lake Whitney) and has been missing since Saturday evening. He has a lot of trouble remembering things and gets confused very easily (probably the early stages of Alzheimer's) and we don't know that he could find his way back if he wanted to. He is diabetic and has high blood pressure so the longer he is gone, the more medically compromised he is as well. Please pray that he is safe and that we find him soon.  I've attached a picture because... well, when you're looking for one man who could be anywhere I guess it doesn't hurt to have his picture out there just in case."

Gary Border's Mom, Johnnie Border, is having mini-strokes and has been admitted to PRMC.  Don't know any other details at this moment.  Will update later.

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