Friday, July 15, 2011

Prayer Request - 7/15 - 5:51pm

Robyn Figgins' and Cari Johnson's Mom, Peggy Smith, was to have laproscopic surgery this morning to remove a polyp on her duodenum.  They tried to remove it and couldn't.  She will now have surgery on Saturday morning at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview.  Robyn said that it appears to be cancer.

Kristie Lee sent this message this afternoon:  "James Camden Sikes is an 8 month old who was diagnosed with a tumor on June 23rd, had it removed and it has aggressively come back already. Doctors say it is the worst tumor they have ever seen. His parents, Matthew and Kara took him home Wednesday night to let him pass in peace at home and not hooked up to machines in a hospital. His website is But PLEASE don't read it unless you want to bawl. That's all I've done for the past few days. His parents are friends of a friend of mine and they need our prayers desperately!"

Debra Usry sent this message from her high school friend Mac Broadway.  "On Friday, May 20, 2011 my 17 year-old son, Jacob Broadway had a non fatal automobile accident traveling from Paris Texas (our home) to Austin Texas to visit his mom, Grandparents and friends graduating from High School. Jacob was on Interstate 35 South, just north of Georgetown. He fell asleep and hit a guardrail which started his truck in a roll. The rolling vehicle was stopped by a 4 foot diameter freeway sign post and burst into flames.
Jacob was rescued by fireman returning to Georgetown from a training exercise out in the boon-docks. They just “happened” to hit the access road of I-35 within seconds of Jacob’s accident, and “by chance” decided to go take a look at a huge puff of black smoke opposite the direction they were traveling. When they pulled him from the burning vehicle, Jacob was barely conscious and on fire.
Had they arrived three minutes later, they said, Jacob would have burned alive. Jacob suffered burns over 30% of his body, multiple breaks to left and right legs, broken collar bone, ruptured spleen, and more. I don't believe in consequences, at least not like Jacob's rescue.

He was taken to Seton Hospital Emergency Room in Round Rock Texas, stabilized then flown to Memorial Hermann Shock Trauma Intensive Care Unit (STICU) in the Houston Texas medical center. Jacob remained in STICU one week, was moved to the Hermann Burn Unit room 834, and will remain there for at least 3-6 more weeks. Afterward, he’ll undergo in patient rehabilitation for, well, I’m not sure how long. When he leaves the hospital, he’ll be on out-patient rehab for probably 1 to 2 years.
Doctors and nursing staff say youth is on his side and he will likely recover quickly and completely.

I still live in Paris. I've been here at the hospital since Jacob's accident. Don't know for sure where Jake will rehabilitate, so don't know where I'll be after his stay in the Hermann Burn Unit."

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