Monday, November 18, 2013

Update on Doris McGill - 11/18

Karen Cato sent this message this morning:  Mom is having a hard time.  She had surgery on her arm and they put a rod into it hoping to get it strong enough to help her maneuver around.  They cannot fix her hip (her partial replacement rammed through her socket and crushed the bones all around it.)  The Dr. is hoping that the bone and scar tissue will form a pseudo socket to support the replacement.  We will know if it has started working in about a month.  She will not ever be able to put weight on that leg again and will be in a wheelchair (we have not told her this).  She did help the PTs yesterday by putting weight on her good leg.  She will need to go to skilled nursing when she leaves the hospital for extra care and rehab. 
She is in a ton of pain and very, very confused.
Jane and I have to work, so Sandra Carroll (bless her) is getting a list of sitters together to stay with her during the day.  Jane had to go home.  It was very hard for her to leave and it is very hard for me to leave her after she has had a bad night.  I know whoever is there will take good care of her ... it's just hard.
Doug is keeping us fed and he and Darrell are filling in as some.
Please keep praying for her...specifically that she has less pain and confusion.

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