Sunday, December 1, 2013

Update on Kristi and Austin Anthony - 12/1

We found out some information on Wednesday but due to the Thanksgiving holiday I didn't want to relay this information until afterwards but WE DESPERATELY NEED YOUR PRAYERS for our family.

On Wednesday Austin had an appointment with Kristi's EP Cardiologist and they think that a potential genetic defect may have been found that has been found on Kristi's EKG and now Austin's as well. Next they... will look at Matt's, Tyler's, and Cody's to see if it is present there also. Potentially Sandy and Mike too will be evaluated.

The EP described this genetic condition as "new science" that has just been discovered within the last year and is still relatively unknown. The condition is a "repolarization" issue of the heart rhythm and is called "J-Point abnormality". I understand very little about it so far and can't even begin to explain it. They are under the impression that the fix is to implant an AICD (pacer-defibrillator). Hopefully we will be able to find out more very quickly.

The evaluation process could be rather lengthy since this is so new. I will pray that we find out about Cody and Tyler quickly since they too are at risk. Matt already has an AICD therefore he is protected but Sandy and Mike and possibly Mike's two children are at risk . Since Kristi lost her job due to her condition and we will only have COBRA until the end of next November it is critical that everyone gets treatment (if needed) before then! I'm praying that the defect will not show up on anyone else!

Please pray for this very concerning situation for our boys and Kristi's mom, brother, nephew, and niece. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS FOR OUR FAMILY and THANK YOU for faithfully continuing to bring us before the Father. - Jay

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