Monday, December 30, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 12/30 - Pray LOUD and by name!

Posted by Jay this afternoon:  Recently our son Austin posted this quote by his favorite Christian rapper:
"You can pray but Faith is dead if you don't get up and work your legs" -Lecrae
It made me think about Kristi's situation (even though that was not why he posted it). Kristi is still able to pray to God and she does all of the time. This I know because I ask her. I pray with her too (out loud). However, she lacks faith in her own abilities and harbors a tremendous amount of fear mostly because she cannot remember how to walk and because of her condition she cannot visualize the process. 
This quote gave me an idea...why don't we all pray for God to give Kristi faith in the strength that He has supplied for her to walk? She has the physical ability to be able to walk but she doesn't have the confidence or the ability to visualize the process.
If we ALL pray with unity for God to give Kristi faith in the strength and ability that He has supplied to her then I firmly believe that it will be done! God is greater than her memory deficits, YES He most assuredly is! God is in Control! - Jay"

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