Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekly Update - 11/9

Patrick's message this morning was...Who's Your Master? (with the text from Matt 6:19-24).
  • Becky Webb is in Baylor/Plano Heart Hospital. Melvin is staying at The Home Place (Room 1) until Becky is well enough to take care of him.
  • Lyn Lowrey will have heart valve replacement surgery in the morning at PRMC.
  • Joy Barnett will have knee surgery this week in Plano.
  • Debra Gage will be having surgery for breast cancer on Nov. 20th, here at PRMC.  It is very small, but she found it early.  She will have to have radiation afterwards.  
  • Lori Campbell had surgery on her knee yesterday for a torn meniscus and had a stress fracture. She is home and doing well.
  • Laurie Beckmon was released from the hospital on Friday and is at home recovering.
  • Shelle Fowler sent this update about her Dad, Bobby Gragg.  The PET scan has shown that the tumor, in his cheek, has metastasized and he now has spots on his spine and back too.  He will start a week of intense radiation Monday, have a week off, then another week of intense radiation and have a week off and then a chemo pump.
  • Stella Nance (Vickie Neisler's sister) having back problems.
  • Carol McMillan (Molly Woodall's niece) has lung cancer.  After a PET scan, a tumor was found on her adrenal gland and a biopsy was performed.  Results will be in this week.
  • Dinah Border's friendLisa Anders, has been battling colon cancer for 8 years.   She is single, no children and her Mom, Carol Curry, takes care of her.  She's had many surgeries, in and out of Baylor often.  It's just the 2 of them.  They keep pretty high spirits, but ask for prayers and need encouragement.
  • Wanda Sorensen, Jeff Higgins adopted grandmother, has been admitted to PRMC just now directly to ICU. Her defibrillator has gone off some 15 times in last 4 hours... He asked we please pray for her...she is 78. 
  • Daisy Redding's step-dadNorwood DeJohn, is suffering from complications of Alzheimer's.  Please keep Daisy and her sister in your prayers as they make very difficult decisions.  They are in Mt. View, Missouri.
  • Jean O'Neal's 34 year old granddaughter, Elsa Wahl, has cancer and the doctors have been treating it.  The treatments are shrinking the tumor a little, but it's also shrinking her pituitary gland.  If it shrinks too much, that could be fatal for Elsa.  Please keep her in your prayers!
  • Continue to remember our missionaries, for their safety and success of their mission work.  
    • Hector Olguin - Piedras Negras, Mexico
    • Brent and Jill Nichols - Niteroi, Brazil
    • Javier Ortiz, LaChona, Mexico
    • Dr. Greg and Laurie Vanderpool - Haiti

FAMILY RETREAT:  It's THIS weekend!!!! Have you signed up?  You still have time!  Get ready for some family time, fun games, fellowship and of course FOOD!  Make plans NOW to join us the weekend of November 14th-16th.  Come for the whole weekend, just for the day, or one night... whatever fits your busy schedule!  It's a fun time for all ages!

CHRISTMAS FOOD BASKETS:  This mission work is in need of a coordinator.  Can you do this?

SAFETY REMINDER:  There were several break-ins of cars, at 3 different churches, last Sunday.  LACOC had one car burglarized.  Please keep your valuables with you OR hidden.  Be SAFE!

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entree is SOFT TACOS.  If you would like to join us and didn't sign up this morning, you can call the church office and have them add you to the list.   Please donate at least $2 per person.

PANTRY NEEDS:  1 pound dry pinto beans and jelly

Nov 9:  LTC sign-ups BEGIN!!!!
Nov 25: Thanksgiving Praise and Worship
Nov 30:  5th Sunday Potluck

Love you - MEAN IT!

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