Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekly Update - 1/18

Thank you Patrick for the message, taken from Psalm 28.  We have to realize that we can't make it without the Lord.  We have to turn it ALL over to HIM.  When we pray to God, we must BELIEVE that God will answer.  

The singing was especially beautiful today!  Thank you Stephen Gerrald for reminding us about the story behind the song "It Is Well With My Soul".  I reread it this afternoon and listened to it on STILL gives me chill bumps to think of the immense sadness that he was experiencing.  But...he had the wisdom to know he would see his children again!

RESPONSE:  Michael McCarter asked for prayers that he be a better husband and father and that he rely more on the Lord.

WELCOME:  Dr. Charles (Chuck) Elswick, from Hugo, will be worshiping with us now.  He is a Nature Opathic doctor.  


  • Our sister, Pat Houser, passed away on Saturday.  (No details are known at this time.)  Please keep Johnny and their family in your prayers.
  • Continue to remember the Russell family as they mourn her passing this past Monday.  Please keep their family in your prayers.


  • Kimberly Daniels - continued tests for her thyroid.
  • Kristi Anthony - will be having more heart tests.
  • Roy Jones - health
  • Sharon Kinison - recovering from knee surgery
  • Adrian Casey - cancer
  • Mark Jones - cancer
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • John White, Tommy Gantt, Ben Holland, Dorothy Webb, Carol McMillan, Robert Ward, Margie Bell, Susan Monkers, Michael Terrell, Bobby Gragg, Carol Ward, Dr. Chris Manchurick and all of our missionaries.

SPECIAL VISITORS:  Next Sunday, Jan 25th, Brent and Jill Nichols will be here visiting with us.  Brent will speak to a combined Bible Class (Jr. High-Adults) in the auditorium and will preach that morning also.  Be here to encourage and support them in the work they do in Brazile.

VISION SUNDAY:  Dr. John Cannon will be speaking to us at 9am, on Sunday February 1st, in the Outreach Building.  (Junior High-Adults)  At 10am we will all meet together for Worship. (No Children's Church)   Continue to be in prayer for this important day in the life of our church.


  • Jacey Kerby's wedding shower is next Sunday (1/25) from 1:30-3:30pm.  Selections at Carriage House, Bed Bath & Beyond and William Sonoma.
  • Langdon Chancelor's wedding shower is Feb. 1st from 1:30-3:30pm.  Selections at WalMart, Carriage House and Spangler's.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Meat and Mac n'Cheese

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entrée is Lasagna.  If you didn't sign up on Sunday morning, and want to join us on Wednesday night, just call the church office and to reserve your spot.  Each person is asked to donate $3 per person.

Jan 25:  Brent and Jill Nichols here.
Jan 25:  Wedding shower for Jacey Kerby
Jan 31:  College CoC Ladies Day  - 9am
Feb 1:   Vision Sunday
Feb 1:   Wedding shower for Langdon Chancelor
Feb 15:  Baby Shower for Maggie Kerby (they're having TWINS, a boy and a girl)
Mar 11: Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

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