Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Update - 3/1

Thank you Patrick for the message this morning from Habakkuk 1...."Hello God, are you there?"
He gave us 3 problems that we may "think" we see, as did Habakkuk:
1.  God isn't listening to me.  HE IS!
2.  God isn't looking at what is going on.  HE IS!
3.  God isn't doing His job.  HE IS!
  • Libby Trussell is in a hospital in Dallas with double pneumonia.
  • Ken Icenhower is at home recovering from heart surgery this week.
  • Gene Stallings is also at home recovering from back surgery.
  • Neil Collard is at home recovering after being in the hospital this week.
  • Morgan Beckmon is recovering from surgery last week.
  • Mike Grigsby is at home now after suffering another stroke.
  • Anita Roden continues to be in PRMC.  She's having problems swallowing.
  • Lee McClain is suffering from severe back pain and Dr wants to schedule surgery.
  • Carole Anderson had some tests run this week and all is well!
  • Judy Moore is at home recovering after open heart surgery.
  • Jesse Easton (Chris' Dad) is at Springlake for rehab.
  • Betty Walsworth (friend of Lesa Bulls) has Parkinson's and is also experiencing kidney issues.
  • Vicki Armstrong (cousin of Lesa Bulls) had a heart attack and is in a hospital in Kaufman.
Others on prayer lists:  Jessica Duren, Laura Janes, Cherry Walker, Lucy Offutt, Johnny Houser, Ken Love, Roy Jones, Adrian Casey, John White, Mark Jones, Lance Johnson, Kristi Anthony, Amy Driggers, Charolotte Russell, Cindy McDowell, Carter Page, Cash Marsden, Dwayne Ballard, Marcia Putnam, Petro Sanchez, Amanda Phillips, Catheryn Bryan, Ben Wallace, Cathy Sanders, Charles Brunson, Wendy May, Ella Ruth Wallace, Bobby Gragg, Harley Bowling, Kevan Bennett, Ben Holland, Tommy Gantt, Dorothy Webb, Michael Terrell, Carol McMillan, Jillian Ingram and Dr. Chris Manschreck.

NEW ADDRESS:  Jillian Ingram (daughter of Debra Usry). She would appreciate any cards or letters!
Jillian Michelle Ingram #10954465
Marlin Unit - 2893 State Hwy 6
Marlin, TX 76661-6588

PRAYER WARRIORS:  There was a table set up in the foyer today for those that are interested in helping to pray for our students.  The goal is to have someone praying for every junior and senior student in our schools. Jenifer Cooper and Tanya Welch are the coordinators for this ministry, check with them if you'd like to be a part.  If you have done this in the past and your student has graduated, you can be assigned another child.  Everyone can use a prayer!  Thanks in advance to all those who participate!

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' will be Hamburgers!  Please donate $3/person.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned Fruit and Jelly

Mar 8:  TIME CHANGES (move clocks UP an hour)
Mar 8:  Faithful Readers
Mar 11: New Adult Classes begin
Mar 11: Blood Drive
Mar 29: 5th Sunday Potluck

Love you - MEAN IT!

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