Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Update - 3/15

Thank you Patrick for the lesson this morning, titled "Questions and Answers" with the text taken from Habakkuk 2:4-20.  Some of the points he made were:
~When times get tough, people start directing their questions to God.
~Habakkuk is somebody with a few questions for God, and he's not shy about asking.
~What are the struggles in your life?  Turn your struggles into questions for God.  That's what it means to "live by faith".

CONGRATULATIONS:  Glenn and Shaunda Burgess are celebrating the birth of their new baby daughter, Shayla.  She was born on Tuesday, March 10th and weighed 6 pounds and 1 ounce

OUR SYMPATHY:  Jessica Daniels great-grandfather, Lois Exum, passed away this week.  His funeral service was on Friday.  Mr. Exum was 101 years old.

WELCOME:  Glen Maxey asked to be a part of LACOC!


  • Anita Roden continues to be in PRMC/Room 324.  
  • Mike Grigsby is at home recovering from a stroke.  Please keep him and Kathy in your prayers.
  • Gerald Miller (Misty Ray's dad) will have open heart surgery tomorrow in Dallas.
  • Tommy Clay (Jason's dad) is in serious health.
  • Gwynne Fish (Carole Anderson's niece) has throat cancer.  Receiving her 7th week of chemo and radiation.  Specific prayers for 
  • Derald Bulls asked for prayers for their friends;  Robert Wunsch is having struggles with pancreatitis, awaiting tests to determine if possible cancer (again).  Betty Walsworth moved to Paris Healthcare and is now on dialysis, 3 times a day.  The family of Dot Webb (mother of Kenneth Webb) passed away this week and funeral was yesterday.
  • Billie Self Blackshear - cancer
  • Susan Honeycutt Monkres continues to be in PRMC.  She has cancer.
  • Please keep all those who are traveling for Spring Break in your prayers, as they travel.

CHURCH MEMBERS:  Dorothy Pearce, Louise Peace, Anna Zant, Maggie Kerby, Neil Collard, Ken Icenhower, Gene Stallings, Libby Trussell, Morgan Beckmon, Judy Moore, Johnny Houser, Mike Grigsby, Laura Janes, Lee McClain, Anita Roden, Roy Jones, Adrian Casey, John White, Mark Jones, Kristi Anthony, Lance Johnson.

  Carol McMillan, Aiden Ty Walters, Lillian Welch, Paula Anthony, Faye Hanley, Carol Ward, John Wayne Allen, Jesse Easton, Betty Walsworth, Vicki Armstrong, Cora Whitney, Amy Driggers, Charolotte Russell, Cindy McDowell, Carter Page, Cash Marsden, Dwayne Ballard, Ben Holland, Michael Terrell, Jillian Ingram, Dr. Chris Manschreck.

EASTERN EUROPEAN MISSIONS:  Dale Miller, with EEM, talked to us about the event that will be held at the Love Civic Center on March 26th.  There will be a meal and there is no charge  You will be given the chance to make a donation.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Bodacious BBQ Sandwiches.  Please donate $3 per person.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Spaghetti Sauce and Canned Meat

Mar 29: 5th Sunday Potluck
Mar 29:  LTC Parent/Participant Meeting - room 6
Apr 1:    LTC Dress Rehearsal
Apr 3-4: LTC Convention in Dallas

Love you - MEAN IT!

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