Friday, August 21, 2015



I have recently started working with CPS in trying to help with the Foster Children population in and from Lamar County. There is a tremendous need that is here around these kids, and I'm in the process of working with Patrick and the elders to help LACOC address the need. I have received a request for some back-to-school clothes for two families (one in Lamar County, one in Hopkins) with
 EIGHTchildren in each home (all the children are from Lamar County). I'd like to get the word out via our Facebook page and however else we normally seek help from our members and networks.

Thanks, and here is the list. However it is best to collect these items, folks can bring them to my office or the church and I'll get them to CPS to pass along:

Family A
9 yr. old female - sizes 8-10 or S-M shirts
7 yr. old female - sizes 7-8
3 yr. old female - 4
3 yr. old male - 4 or 5

The family reported that everyone has shoes and school supplies but they need clothes. The family also has biological children, which we're not sure about their need for clothes or not at this time. The family was denied food stamps and has a concern about food, which we should also address. The Mom is a nurse and has been working a lot to try to have the money to meet needs.

Family B
10 mth female
2 (turns 3 this month) year old male - Shoes size 9 toddler/kids
5 yr. Male - Shoes size 11 kids
15 yr. male
11 yr female
9 yr male - wears size 10 SLIM and medium shirts. He needs clothes
17 mth Female - shoes size 4 infant/toddler
3 yr female - shoe size 8 toddler/kids

The family reported there is no need for back-to-school supplies for the school aged kids. They could use help with shoes but only gave information for a few of the children, so we are assuming that they only need shoes for the ones that she gave. This family was recently approved for food stamps, which helps, but they could really use diapers size 3 or 4 and pull ups size 2T-3T.

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