Sunday, October 1, 2017

Weekly Update - 10/1

  • Gene Stallings was taken to Baylor on Saturday, with a heart attack. 
  • Sarah Smith is in PRMC/Room 548
  • Pete Taylor is in PRMC Rehab Room 302.
  • Charles Richards continues to be in PRMC Rehab. 
  • Marlynn Barnes fell this week and is in PRMC Rehab Room 308.
  • Johnny and Loretta Nabors are both having health issues.  Loretta's back and Johnny's shoulder.
  • Kimberly Daniels - Health
  • Marg Norlin is recovering from foot surgery.
  • Ora Henderson - Health and loss of her son Gerald.
  • Jean King is recovering from back surgery.
  • Jean and Hugh Anthony - Health
  • Christine Henson fell and broke her arm. Robert is down in his back
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Harley Lucy Staley - Health
  • Gail Clark has some serious health issues.
  • William and Lucy Offutt - Health
  • John Figgins - Health
  • Sherrie Boyd - Health
  • Anita Roden - Health 
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS 
  • Troops - Keep them safe
  • Elderly - Prayers for their safety and health.
  • Emergency Personnel - Keep them safe
  • Missionaries all over the world.
  • Ashley Clement, Donna McGee's niece, is experiencing heart issues and may need a pacemaker. 
  • Sammy Morrow, friend of Gene Stallings, is very ill at this time. 
  • Jazzmayne Radtke, Dinah Border's granddaughter - High risk pregnancy. Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby. 
  • Sandy Welch (Kristi Anthony's Mom) - Health
  • Matt Welch, youngest brother of Kristi Anthony, has been told that he needs a liver transplant.
  • Allyson Fasken (teacher at PISD) Cancer.
  • Janet Fouse - (former member) Cancer.
  • Joyce Fouse - Cancer 
  • Sierra Faulkner - 3 year old with cancer. (Friend of Molly's) 
  • Jerry Savage cancer has returned and is aggressive. He is a preacher in Sulphur Springs.
  • Tammy Huffman Beazley - (former member) Cancer
  • Debbie Daniel (friend of Molly's) - Cancer
  • Please continue your prayers for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia and Maria. Remember the first responders who are already there and those traveling down there.  AND ... The linemen who will be restoring power. 
  • Also, please remember those affected by the earthquakes in Mexico.
SHUT-INS AND NURSING HOMES:  Butch Mills, Johnny Bassett, Harley Staley, Carol Murphy, Johnny Houser, Roy Jones, Paul and Carol Helton, Sarah Smith, Sarah Dene Goree, Donna Mosley, Peggy Wright, Smithy and Kay Allen.

LADIES BREAKFAST:  On Wednesday, Oct 11th, the Wednesday Night Men's Class will be cooking a big breakfast for the ladies at 8AM.  Anyone is welcome!  Please sign up at the Welcome Center if you are able to come, so they know how to prepare.  Ladies Bible Class will follow beginning at 9:30AM.

LADIES...  If you are interested in going to a Ladies Night on Thursday, Oct 5th at 6:30pm in Greenville, at the Creekside Church of Christ, please let the office know, no later than Sunday, Oct 1st.  Joan Graves, who some of you remember, will be leading singing.  There will be a salad dinner following.  Also let the office know if you need a ride.  Van will leave the church at 5pm and return around 9pm. 

  Please help us communicate with YOU better.  If you have any changes in your address, phone number or email addresses, please let the office know.  There is a sheet on the Welcome Center.

LEAVE A MESSAGE:  Nick Murillo is working on a special project for our new preacher. If you call 903-517-2078, you can leave a prayer, a message, or a blessing, and Nick will get these messages compiled for him and his family.
There is also a prayer journal, in the church library, for the preacher and his family.
Also, please keep the search team in your prayers as they continue to the process, or if you have any questions.

RAINBOW ROOM ITEMS: Jackets for school age children.

:  Canned fruit, Bar Soap, Laundry Detergent

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This week's entree is Texas Beans and Cornbread.
Be sure to sign-up on attendance card. As a reminder, the cost is $3 per plate. 


Oct 3:  Men's Breakfast
Oct 5:  Ladies Night at Creekside Church in Greenville
Oct 8:  Faithful Readers
Oct 11:  Ladies Breakfast

Oct 29:  5th Sunday Fellowship
Oct 31:  Trunk or Treat
Nov 10-12:  Family Retreat
Love you - MEAN IT!! 

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