Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekly Update - 10/29

  • Dee Lyons asked for prayers today. Please keep her on your heart as she grieves the loss of her daughter Jadielle. Also for Dee's health. 
  • Dinah Border continues to be at Wilson Jones Hospital in Sherman.  
  • Butch Mills has been moved to Stillhouse Nursing and Rehab.  He is in Room C49.
  • Karen Cato - 18 years ago she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's.  She is now 9 years post chemo and she is STILL IN REMISSION!!!!  WoooHOOO!!!!
  • Gene Stallings - Health
  • Charles Richards is at home doing Rehab. 
  • Johnny Nabors - Had shoulder surgery this past Monday.
  • Pete Taylor - Health
  • Kimberly Daniels - Health
  • Dianna Welch - Health
  • Marg Norlin is recovering from foot surgery.
  • Ora Henderson - Health.  Also, her daughter Ann has cancer and is in the hospital. 
  • Jean and Hugh Anthony - Health
  • Christine & Robert Henson - Health
  • Webber Woodall - He FINALLY has a video hearing with a judge for Social Security disability on Nov. 6th.  Please pray that they will approve him!!
  • Harley Lucy Staley - Health
  • Gail Clark - Health
  • William and Lucy Offutt - Health
  • John Figgins - Health
  • Sherrie Boyd - Health
  • Anita Roden - Health 
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS 
  • Troops - Keep them safe
  • Elderly - Prayers for their safety and health.
  • Emergency Personnel - Keep them safe
  • Missionaries all over the world.
  • Jamie Hyatt (former member) didn't get to have her surgery this week.
  • W. H. Bequette, father of Jill Faires, received a diagnosis of prostate cancer, as well as having to deal with heart weakness from previous cancer treatments. 
  • Warren Skeen, Brenda Shackleford's Dad, is in Rehab also. 
  • Please keep Billy Kee in your prayers.  He is battling cancer again. He is the great-grandfather of Alexis and Maggie Daniels.
  • Jazzmayne Radtke, Dinah Border's granddaughter - High risk pregnancy. Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby. 
  • Matt Welch, youngest brother of Kristi Anthony, needs a liver transplant.
  • Allyson Fasken (teacher at PISD) Cancer.
  • Sierra Faulkner - 3 year old with cancer. (Friend of Molly's) 
  • Jerry Savage's cancer has returned and is aggressive. He is a preacher in Sulphur Springs.
  • Tammy Huffman Beazley - (former member) Cancer
  • Debbie Daniel (friend of Molly's) - Cancer
SHUT-INS AND NURSING HOMES:  Johnny Bassett, Harley Staley, Carol Murphy, Johnny Houser, Roy Jones, Paul and Carol Helton, Sarah Smith, Donna Mosley, Peggy Wright, Smithy and Kay Allen.

RAINBOW ROOM ITEMS: Jackets for school age children.

:  Canned fruit, 1 pound bags of rice, razors, toothpaste and deodrant.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This week's entree is Loaded Baked Potatoes.
Be sure to sign-up on attendance card. As a reminder, the cost is $3 per plate. 


Oct 31:  Trunk or Treat
Nov 1:  Blood Drive
Nov 4:  Clocks FALL back
Nov 7:  Men's Breakfast
Nov 10-12:  Family Retreat

Nov 12: Faithful Readers
Nov 18:  Foster Parent Night Out
Dec 10:  Annual Christmas Party

Love you - MEAN IT!! 

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