Sunday, January 7, 2018

Weekly Update - 1/7

On January 24th at 10am, the Ladies Bible Class will begin 24 Hours of Prayer for our minister search. The 24 hour time will end at 10am on Jan 25th, with the Kiddie Kollege students.
You are invited to sign up for 15/30/60 minute intervals to be in prayer.
There will be a sign up sheet at the Welcome Center.

Congratulations to Elton and Dannie Weeks on 60 years of marriage.

  • Mike Grigsby suffered another stroke this afternoon. 
  • Alexis Cowan - her thyroid cancer has come back. Please for the insurance company and quick results from them. 
  • Don Carroll will be having tests run. 
  • John & Yvonne Gentry - Health
  • Connelle Peace - She is at home recovering from a stroke. 
  • Jimmy Thielman - recovering from surgery last week.
  • John McGee - Healtb
  • Jean Anthony - Health 
  • Aileen Castlebury - Is at home, recovering from knee surgery.
  • Harley Staley fell again this past week.
  • Cynthia Norris - Health
  • Sarah Smith - Health
  • Charles Richards - Health
  • Gail Clark - Health
  • Sherrie Boyd - Health
  • William Offutt - Health
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Dee Lyons - Health
  • Dorothy Pearce - Health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Larry Young (Cledith Ray's brother) Health
  • Billy Ray - (Joe Ray's brother) Health
  • Willard Brockton (Lesa Bulls' dad) - Health 
  • Haley Bulls-Smith (former member) recovering from surgery.
  • Robert and Christine Henson's son, Johnny Henson is in Baylor/Waxahachie in critical condition.  Please pray for him.
  • Janet Fouse (former member) - Cancer
  • Norm Clem, Sarah Smith's nephew, is in PRMC with blood clot in his lung. 
  • Ezra Fitts (great grandson of Marcus & Sharon Roden) was born too early, but is thriving. He will be in the hospital for a while. 
  • Hayden Pruett (friend of Kimberlyn Lee).  He has been diagnosed with Adrenocortical Carcinoma.  There is a huge tumor on his adrenal gland and TWO tumors on his liver.  The doctors think they can get get 98% of the cancer with surgery. 
  • Two of Dinah Border's granddaughters are experiencing serious health conditions. 
SHUT-INS:  Harley and Lucy Staley, Peggy Wright, Roy Jones, Butch Mills, Christine Henson

  • The Sharon McMillan Bailey family as they mourn her sudden passing. 
  • The Matt Bawcum family in your prayers as they mourn the loss of his son Kyle
  • The Miller-Springer families. Justin Springer was killed early last Monday. His grandfather, Dan Miller passed away on Wednesday. 

TEACHER NEEDED:  There's a need for a teacher for the month of January on Wednesday nights for the 2/3 year old class.  Begins THIS Wednesday night.  See Jared if you can do this.

CAMP DEER RUN:  Registration will begin on Jan. 14th at 2pm.  This is for campers ages o9-17.  Campers must be 9 years old by Sept 1, 2017 to go to overnight camp.  We will get Pee Wee Campers (5-8 years old) registered soon.

BABY BOY SHOWER for Jenna (Beeler) Farrell will be at LACOC on Jan. 21st from 1:30-3pm.  Selections are at Target and Walmart.  Theme is fishing.

RAINBOW ROOM:  Boys/Girls jackets or pants - Size 3T-10/12.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Canned fruit and Mac and Cheese

SIMPLE SUPPER SURPRISE:  Sign up today for a Simple Supper Surprise.  They will be serving something delicious!!   $3 per person!

Jan 10:  Ladies Bible Class Resumes
Jan 12-14:  Winterfest
Jan 21:  Jenna Farrell's baby shower
Jan 24:  24 Hours of Prayer
Feb 6:   Men's Breakfast
Feb 21: Blood Drive
Mar 30-Apr 1:  Leadership Training for Christ
May 2:  Blood Drive
Aug 1:  Blood Drive
Nov 7:  Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!!

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