Saturday, February 17, 2018

Update on Mike Bishop 2/17

Update On Mike at 12 noon today:
He had a rough night with little rest. His last x-ray showed a lot of fluid in one lung this morning.
They just did a procedure to drain that fluid and he said he felt better.  He is very tired  so we hope now the fluid is out that he can get some rest.
When he starts to have signs of the fluid build up again then they take more xrays and then based on those will determine if they need to replace one of the chest tubes to get better drainage.

Dad update: 7:35 pm 
Since they have drained off the fluid from his lung he is doing much better .
His heart rate is down and o2 has stayed in the 90s so it too has improved.
He is getting regular breathing treatments.
He is still really tired from the no sleep last night and the breathing treatments tucker him out.
They have taken him off some of the meds
So we are going in the right direction
They should do another xray in the morning​ to check for fluid.
Just praying  for a good nights rest for everyone.
The nursing staff has been really great here and the drs check in frequently ..
Next update will be tomorrow.

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