Sunday, January 6, 2019

Weekly Update - 1/6

Thank you Randy for your message this morning "Happy New Year 2019"  a new year brings a time of reflection and resolution.
He also asked us to CLAIM a verse as our own; study it, memorize it, live it!!!

Our Sympathy is extended to the family of John Figgins. 
He passed away last Sunday.  His services were held yesterday at LACOC.

  • Please keep the Haiti mission team in your prayers this week.
  • Naomi Bassett - She had a fall last week. But in true Naomi style... she's doing just fine!
  • Joel McGee - Had surgery on his thyroid this week. They removed a portion of it. He is doing well.
  • Carl Haggard - Will have surgery on Thursday to have a mass removed.
  • Derald Bulls - Pneumonia
  • Judy Clark - Bronchitis and Type B flu.
  • Kim Hanley - Health
  • Lilla Buchanan - Health
  • Claude Jones - Health
  • Donna McGee began the blocker treatment this past week.  She's ok and at home resting.
  • Hugh and Jean Anthony  - Health
  • Cynthia Norris - Health
  • Pete Taylor - Health
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • Carol Murphy - Health
  • Jackie Helm - Cancer
  • Vicki Humphrey - Cancer
  • Dorothy Pearce - Health
  • Peggy Dotson - Health
  • Peggy Wright - Colonial Lodge
  • Roy Jones - Heritage House
  • Kristi Anthony - Physical and mental health. 
  • Mac Fulbright - Dealing with cancer issues. (Friend of Derald Bulls.)
  • Randy Daw minister at Creekside CoC in Greenville, had brain tumor surgery this past week and is doing well. 
  • Cindy Housley - Health (She's a friend of mine from Frisco.)
  • Kanyon Philips - Health (Jay and Gay Spencer's grandson)
  • Billy Icenhower - He got a port for chemo this past week and will start a drip for forty eight hours, in the evening after dialysis. If all goes as planned they will do this every two weeks for 6 months.  At this time he has the dialysis catheter, biliary drain, abdomen drain and now the chemo port.  Continues to be in M.D. Anderson/Houston (Ken and Shelia's son)
  • Paul McClain - Is at home and continues rehab at Baylor.
  • Holt Price  - Cancer (son of former member Alden Bowers Price.)
  • The Vanderpools - in Haiti
  • Prayers for our teachers and students as they start back to school this week.
  • Prayers for our military.
  • Prayers for our first responders.

RAINBOW ROOM ITEMS:  Jeans ALL sizes (school age) and soft fleece blankets

PANTRY NEEDS:  Cereal and Spaghetti Sauce

SIMPLE SUPPER:  This weeks' entrée is Chicken Strips.

Jan 5-11:  Haiti Mission Trip
Jan 8:  Men's Breakfast
Jan 13:  CDR Summer Registration
Jan 9:  Ladies Bible Class resumes.
Jan 14:  Monday Night Movie "The Shack"
Jan 18-20:  Winterfest Youth Weekend - Jr. High and High School
Jan 28:  Young @ Heart - bring a dish to share and games to play.
Feb 22-23:  Ladies Retreat
Mar 29-31:  Jr. High Retreat at CDR

Love you - MEAN IT!

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