Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Update on Kim Maxfield 6/11

Kim posted this update:  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your cards, texts, visits, food and especially for your prayers! The LORD knew I would need them even more than I thought. The surgery to repair my broken back was more extensive than anticipated so the recuperation time will be longer. We are back in Paris now. I can already tell improvement. I no longer have a tendency to lean backwards and can dress myself now. On a lighter note I found out why everyone says “I’m so special.” 😆 Counting from the top down normally you have 12 ribs and 12 vertebrae but I have an extra vertebrae that's not even connected to a rib! So the doctor was hesitant to even call it a "thoracic vertebrae." The repairs were literally made to L1 and T13 because my T12 is actually above that. Thanks again! Love y’all so much!!

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