Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prayer Request Update - 8/13 - 10:35pm

Joel McGee graduates from the Police Academy tomorrow (Friday) in Killeen. I talked to John tonight, he and the family had already arrived in Killeen. Joel will start full-time with the Paris Police Department on Monday! Joel, we are so proud of you!

This message is from Joanna Pitcock: "Mitch is doing good. Still pretty groggy but he can tell them if he hurts or not. He has already sat in a chair and paddled a stationary bicycle for a few minutes. He had some fluid around his old heart that was kinda cloudy and they are testing that for any infection and hopefully that will come back ok and it will not affect his new heart. They are giving him antibiotics just in case. He has some drainage tubes in his belly right now and he still has the central line in his neck but he was able to come off the respirator as soon as he woke up from surgery, which is great. I am finally breathing a little now, and will be glad to know when he is out of the woods and free of any infection. We continue to ask God to protect him from any rejection of his new heart. I am thankful for this chance for Mitchell to have a new healthy heart and hopefully it is in God's wishes that my son lives a long healthy life. God has answered our prayers."

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