Friday, July 16, 2010

Prayer Requests - 7/16 - 1:50pm

I've added a new link to the blog list to the right...this is for Cody Icenhower.  (Cody is the nephew of a lady I work with and the great-nephew of Ken & Shelia Icenhower.)  Cody was diagnosed with A.L.L. on May 14th.  His aunt Tina sent this message:  "He is 12 years old and is on the second stage of chemo which they tell them that will make him feel real bad. He is doing good after 1st month of treatment.  It put him in remission, but has a long road of chemo to go." Please go on his CaringBridge site and leave a message for him. 

Charlotte Grooms sent an e-mail yesterday stating that it's time to start thinking about backpacks for the kiddos at Justiss Elementary.  Charlotte stated that:  "I will be glad to take cash if people had rather do that. It makes the kids feel special to get a new backpack. I watch the adds and lot of times you can get 2 for the price of one. Wal-greens is good at this kind of special." 

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