Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prayer Request - 1/27 - 10:42am

Jeff Taber (works at Paris Ford) had a nerve in his face accidentally cut during a surgery 13 years ago.  The side of his face "fell".  For the last 13 years he has not been able to close his eye, hear or smile.  The doctors in Dallas have now determined there are procedures they can perform to get him back to his old self.  The first surgery is to fix his eye so that he will be able to close it.  They will place a weight in the eyelid.  The 2nd surgery is to remove the tumor from his ear and at the same time they will remove muscle and nerves from his legs to repair his ear and face.  The surgery will take about 10 hours and he will have to be off work for 4 to 6 weeks! 

Tony Clark (works at Kimberly-Clark) broke his leg back in December.  He had surgery on Tuesday and he is being released from the hospital today!  He had 17 screws and 2 plates inserted and they did not have to use bone graft aft all.  He doesn't know if he will have a hard cast for 3 weeks or move directly to the boot.  He's going to be off work for 3 months, to begin with, and see how things go, but he could be off as long as 6 months.  Just depends on the healing process.

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