Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prayer Request - 3/1 - 10:36am

I had asked for prayers for my co-worker's husband, Jeff Taber, a month ago.  (Jeff works at Paris Ford.)  I wanted to give y'all an update on him.
He had the weight put in his eyelid and can blink now, but the bottom portion of his eye droops and it doesn't close all the way down.
He goes back tomorrow for a follow-up with the plastic surgeon. They will talk about the bottom portion of his eye and see what they possibly need to do further to make it close all the way.
On March 23, they go for a meeting/check-up with the Dr. who will take the tumor out and the Dr. that will reconstruct the nerves. ALSO...the Drs. will discuss with them about the CAT scan to see if the tumor has grown and hopefully schedule the next surgery at this time.
She said thank you all for your concern and prayers.

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