Thursday, August 11, 2011

PRAISE Report - 8/11 - 9:23pm

Thank you Lord for the answered prayers of cooler temperatures and for the rain that some received!

And on a personal note....speaking of answered prayers!  I got a good report at the Retinologist today! The Dr. said my eye is "beautiful"!  The gas bubble is gone and the implant is right where it needs to be! The pressure on BOTH eyes is perfect! The headaches I've been experiencing, is my eye saying "hey look at that", WAY too much...they'll get better.  It's still fuzzy...but that's normal.  BUT....I am seeing colors, which I've never seen before!  He told me AGAIN to be could take up to a YEAR for it to completely heal. That's so hard to hear...but the end result will be good!  WoooHOOOO!!!!

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