Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prayer Request - 11/2 - 3:08pm

Mike Kennedy sent this message:  "This prayer request is for my mom, Qwyneth Kennedy.  She has been recuperating from colon cancer surgery in Mesquite and about to commence radiation and chemo therapy when she started feeling bad and was found to have contracted pneumonia. She kept getting weaker and my sister put her in Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas two days ago. During their evaluation, it was discovered that her cancer had reappeared in her liver. Her surgeon/oncologist feels that due to her weakened state, any radiation or chemo therapies are out of the question at this time. He recommended placing her in a Hospice situation as soon as she is strong enough and barring a miracle of some sort, she only has "weeks" to live."  (Mike's Mom is a long time member of the Highland Oaks Church in Dallas.)

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