Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Prayer Requests - 11/9 - 10:50pm

Alvin Buchanan will have gallbladder surgery at 1pm on Friday at PRMC.

Anita Roden had neck and spine surgery today in Tyler.  She will be coming home tomorrow.

Allison Hanley fainted while giving blood tonight.  She's all better now!  Pretty scary for a few minutes there!

Kristi Bullard Moody sent this message tonight:  "Dad's (Ed Bullard) sister, Hazel Auldridge, is in the hospital.  She had a Sporadic blood clot that broke into 3 & is now in her lungs. His brother-in-law Johnie Douglas had a skin cancer removed from his nose. My grandbaby Kamrie will have a barium swallow in the morning & my daughter Haley a test in the afternoon with surgery Tuesday."
Debra Usry's sister, Julie Kay Smith, is still in PRMC/South/Room 620.  She is continuing to have numerous health issues.
Dinah Border's friend, Tyler Graham, came home from Afghanistan for a visit.  He was sent to North Carolina afterwards and is still there.  Hopefully he won't have to go back!
Also, Cade Mahan (the 12 year old burn survivor) is doing well.  He still has to wear the compression garmets.  His grandfather, Lloyd Mahan, has numerous blockages in his heart.  No surgery is planned at this time.

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