Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prayer Request - 12/29

Carole Anderson sent this message regarding her cousin:  "Please put Curbe Goolsby and his family on the prayer list.  Curbe was moved to a nursing home in Mesquite recently. He was still struggling with problems due to his latest stroke which was a severe one. No one knows what happened but on Dec. 24th, Curbe was aware of evert\ything and everyone. They did not visit him on the 25th due to the ice (Pat just learned to drive recently and does not do real well in good weather). When she went to see him on Wed. morning, the 26th, Curbe was greenish gray in color and totally unresponsive. He was running 106 degree fever. They suspected an infection, but to date, none of the tests showed one.
They called the doctor, then decided to take him to ER. There a cathscan was done, lumbar
puncture, blood work, MRI, etc. Nothing shows so far.
Curbe is on a vent and sedated at this time. His color has improved and his fever has come
down some.  He is very critical - another 24 hours at the nursing home and he would have been dead.
Currently in Baylor - Truett, ICU, room 425.
Please pray for peace for this family and that God's will be done."

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