Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update on Kristi Anthony - 10/9

Posted by Austin last night:  "It's almost been a year. A year since November 16,2012. A whole year!? I literally can't believe that. Though as I lay here tonight I have finally been blessed with the answer I've been searching for 11 months. "Why?" Why did this happen? The devil said hey ill tear that family apart, I'll take their mom. That'll turn them away from God! Well call me crazy but I think God said go ahead, but you won't succeed, you can't overcome Me. He didn't either. Maybe he thought he did. Maybe he thought that when Kristi Anthony was laying in a hospital bed for two weeks with hardly a sign of life that he had won. Maybe the devil thought that when she woke up it was even better because she would never be herself again. Maybe when she got up out of that wheelchair for the first time and gave her sons a hug, he thought that's as far as she'll ever go! Maybe he saw the pain in a family's eyes when the progress was slow. Maybe he thought by keeping her 100 miles away he could beat their Faith in God. Maybe he made them struggle, maybe he made them hurt, but unfortunately for them they have but one God. A God who created the universe, a God who is mocked every day, a God who is taunted by the devil and sin every day. But a God who laughs at the foolish and the non believers selfish ways. A God who said you can tempt them, you can test them, but they are mine. Take her earthly body and strength away but one day, one beautiful and magnificent day, they will all walk the shores of Paradise with me while you burn in eternity. -Austin"

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