Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Posted by Jay last night:  "Just got a call from Austin, at emergency room in Conway, AR. He passed out and team mates rushed him to ER. I'm on my way out the door. Everyone is worried since Kristi's episode a year ago. KRISTI also is upset because she cannot go. PRAY PLEASE - the Anthony's

Posted by Jay this morning:  "Here with Austin at hospital in Conway. He had chest pains, passed out and hit his head. Tests came back good, but so did Matt and Kristi's. Drs are not concerned and say he's a healthy 19 yr old athlete. Cannot get them to call EP cardiologist. They dont understand potential gravity of situation. PRAY for help n wisdom here please...Jay"

Posted by Jay this afternoon:  "A doctor talked with Austin's EP!!! They will discharge him with a 30 day heart monitor. NO BASKETBALL....He enforced the point! Bad news again, but NOT the worst news he's ever had to face. The doctor reminded him that a sport is not worth his life. Prayers Please - Jay"

Posted by Jay tonight:  "One of the most difficult things I've ever had to do...Much like the day I had to leave Kristi at Pate Rehab. Tonight I had to leave Austin in Conway after a long night and day of uncertainly at the hospital. 
We still don't have any answers and it may be weeks to come before we have any at all. All we know for certain is that Austin had chest pains and passed out last night. We are nervous and concerned. The test results don't really help yet. We know it was not dehydration. There are two EP's looking at his case. It very well may never reappear and WE KNOW GOD IS IN CONTROL.

Austin has so many prayers going up by you all and so many have made contact with us today. Thank you. Please ask God for Austin's good health. He is dealing well with having to take a break from basketball but he still has concerns due to Kristi's condition as well as worrying about her and having to fulfill his school duties. Thank you all - Jay"

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