Sunday, April 5, 2015

Urgent Prayer Request 4/5

I received this message from Julie Rodgers Rook:  At 3:30 am Cornice (step mom) called to tell me that the ambulance was at the house because my dad had woke her up jerking around and trying to scream. They wanted to care flight him to Plano Baylor but because of the weather had to bring him by ambulance.  He has had a massive stroke and has paralysis to his right side. The doctor in Paris said he was improving but they don't know the extent of the paralysis. He is also having heart issues and his defibrillator is going crazy. He is in bad shape and needs to go to Dallas. They wanted to fly him by helicopter but because it is storming that is not an option so we are going to Baylor Plano by ambulance. I will keep you posted as we get more info.

Update at 7:45 a.m.:  We are in the ER in Plano. He has tons of blood in his urine now and blood pressure is sky high and oxygen levels are dropping.

Update at 8:45:  They are going to do a heart echocardiogram and a MRI with contrast. He is regaining some feeling on his right side. His speech is coming back and he is able to follow a light with his eyes.

Update at 1:45:  He had a TIA from blood clot. Right side is back moving!!! God is good! Waiting on speech therapist now. Occupational therapist is here working with him now. He can remember most things.

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