Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Update - 4/6

Thank you Patrick for the message yesterday morning..."He is Risen"  He showed us that the reality of the empty tomb changed everything!  A beautiful message!

It was so good to see so many visitors and family members who were in for the holiday.  Even though it was a dreary was an uplifting time for a wonderful Easter message!

This weeks' challenge:  Encourage someone you haven't seen in a while!

  • Maggie, Annie and Tucker Kerby are all doing well! 
  • Harley Staley is in PRMC/Room 460.  Heart issues.
  • Anita Roden - It was wonderful to see her at church yesterday!  She is at home recovering now.
  • Linda Easton - recovering at home from knee surgery.
  • Karen Cato - continues to recover at home from shoulder surgery.
  • Our sympathy goes to Neal Collard and family in the death of his sister Dorothy Griffin.  Her services were last week.
  • Julie Rodgers-Rook's dad, Al Clark, suffered a stroke, early yesterday morning.  He is at Baylor/Plano.  He's regaining his speech and use of his left side.
  • Adrian Casey - prayers for her as she continues her cancer treatments.
  • Claude Jones is doing great!
  • Larry and Gail Taylor are proud to announce the arrival of their new grandson, Lincoln.  He was born on March 31.  Pete  Taylor is his great-granddad.
  • Remember always our troops, missionaries and the families of those killed last week...because they were Christians.
CHURCH MEMBERS:  Molly and Webber Woodall, Alan and Sherry Boyd, Dot Campbell, Marcus and Sharon Roden, Dorothy Pearce, Louise Peace, Anna Zant, Ken Icenhower, Gene Stallings, Libby Trussell, Johnny Houser, Mike and Kathy Grigsby, Anita Roden, Roy Jones, Adrian Casey, John and Robbie White, Mark Jones, Kristi Anthony, Lance Johnson.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  Helen Short, Tom and Betty Neal, Carl Johnson, Jimmy McFadden, Gerald Miller, Robert Wunsch, Carol McMillan, Aiden Ty Walters, Lillian Welch, Paula Anthony, Faye Hanley, Carol Ward, John Wayne Allen, Betty Walsworth, Ben Holland, Michael Terrell, Jillian Ingram, Dr. Chris Manschreck.
PRAYER WARRIORS:  If you signed up to be a prayer warrior for our local students, please see Tanya Welch and get your assigned student.

SIMPLE SUPPER:  Chicken Zucchini Casserole.  Please donate $3 per person.

PANTRY NEEDS:  1 pound bag of pinto beans and cornbread mix


Apr 12:  Faithful Readers
Apr 14:  Men's Breakfast - NOTE THE DATE CHANGE!
Apr 25: Spring Fling at the Woodall's for KFC families
Apr 26:  Katherine Rodgers wedding shower

May 13: Blood Drive

Love you - MEAN IT!

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