Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Update on David Welch 4/18

At 10pm, Sherry posted this update on David: I wanted to update everyone on David's status for Tuesday. He slept really well yesterday afternoon, due to meds to take his headache down. However, the med stuck with him and caused disorientation, weakness, and lethargy/hyperactivity so he had a hectic night (or I should say the nurses had a hectic night taking care of him). This continued most of today, with him fighting his Bi-PAP that they put on him to reduce his CO2 levels (this was successful). They were unable to do an MRI with contrast due to his restlessness and movements, and they will attempt that again when he is more responsive to their instructions (take a deep breath and hoooooooold.........you may breathe.) I don't have any indication when they will release him from this unit, but he will most likely go from the cardiac/stroke floor to rehab.

Thank you for all your prayers, visits, and calls. Keep those prayers going!!

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