Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Update on David Welch 4/25

Sherry posted this update about David last night: 
Today he sat in a chair most of the day and made two or three trips up and down the hall with a walker. He had a couple of very short sessions with the PT, just moving his feet and legs. He did okay. His main need now is to regain strength. He still has some memory gaps, and has remembered some things that never happened (he has entertained us with a continuing story about a party that took place in his room.) Lol (Actually it took place in his mind.)
We are just waiting on a room to open up in rehab for him to be moved. The endocrinologist (Dr. Chira) wants another MRI tomorrow, for a clearer look at the tumor, and he will then know whether it is a situation calling for surgery or just a "watch and see" thing. We probably won't have those results until Thursday. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement!!

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