Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Upcoming Christian Concert in Paris

ONE NIGHT ONLY.... Sept 24th in Paris, TX!!!  Jason Crabb and Selah!
We have several hundred in the building right now with 5 weeks to go... Save service fees if you can pay with cash at #ParisGlam or with check (make payable to World Vision). You can also call 800-838-3006 and they will take care of any CC purchases. Super excited about starting the ball rolling here in Paris again! Let's show them all we are a great host Town! Have several options available if we show out well for this date! I am trying my very best to get the word to Parisians as many of the people in the building right now are from out of town... I have no doubt this date will be a nice and full, I am just hoping it has A LOT of Parisians, because that's why Elizabeth and I are doing it, is to bring things to our town! All in support of the artist and causes they are reflecting, in this case World Vision! Make sure you mark your calendars for Sept. 24th, 2017 @ Love Civic Center, Doors at 530!

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