Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prayer Request - 5/12 - 9:40am

This is a prayer request from Rebecca Cowan, regarding her dad  "My 93 year old dad has gone down very quickly. Last night he was put in acute hospice--probably only 24-48 hours left. Comfort measures only...The girls headed down to TX this morning to catch up on some things and will come back up, looks like in a few days.They should be at church tomorrow night. I have stayed up here for my mom. We could use some prayers for the family these last few days. Even when you know its coming, it's still a shock. My dad has been a lifelong Christian, so we know he's going to a better place. He told my mom, when he was still lucid, he'll be waiting for her at the gates."  This is also Tanessa & Jessica's grandfather.

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