Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prayer Requests - 5/27 - 9:15am

DON'T FORGET:  5th Sunday Format - THIS WEEK - potluck after morning worship!  Bring enough food for your family and a little more for our guests.  After a short devo, we'll be dismissed for the day!!

I talked with Kathy Daniels this morning.  Payden is hooked up to all the machines and is doing well.  They did an EKG on him yesterday afternoon and don't have any results on that yet. 

Phyllis Giguere's health is doing lots better.  She is feeling really good.  Her dad, Charles Lovell, has lung cancer, please keep their family in prayer.

Please continue to pray for Maureen Spencer and her family.  Her grandfather, Richard Parker, has not been found.

John Pilkington (neighbor of Paul & Valerie McClain) has cancer and had only been given a short time to live.  He fell in his home this week and received major facial damage.  This is now caused more problems for him.

Tommy Clem (brother of Sarah Smith) has found that he has malignant cancer on his face.  They are working with him to find the best source of treatment.

Melissa Roberts (house-parent of Lucas Simpson) is having some health problems.

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