Monday, July 22, 2013

Prayer Requests - 7/22

  • Linda Erwin asked for prayers for Kristyn Morton (daughter of Gary and Cindy Morton) is 19 years old and had a stroke.  Does have a good prognosis for recovery with rehab.
  • Kristy Jernigan (Greg Wilson's sister) passed away on Saturday.
  • Edith Dunn (mother of Patsy Rhodes) is at Stillhouse Nursing, recovering from a broken hip.
  • John McNeely (Sherry Welch's cousin) had heart surgery.
  • Shannon Kingsbury (Sherry Welch's daughter) is continuing to recover from a serious cut to her hand.
  • David Nelson (Charlotte Grooms brother) is doing well, while on chemo.  She wants to thank everyone for their prayers.
  • Chloe Emeyabbi (Peggy Robinson's great niece) was released from the hospital in Dallas yesterday, after having gallbladder surgery...she's only 9.
  • Continue to remember our elders, deacons and ministers.

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