Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Update on Jerry Langley - 3/1 - 3pm

This was posted on their facebook page.  I'd had lots of people asking about what had happened...

Jerry was on his way to work Monday morning on his motorcycle when he had a serious accident. The police don't believe another vehicle was involved. A motorist stop when they spotted him in a ditch & called 911, the police called Jerry's employer who called Kay at work. Jerry has suffered a broken nose, broken clavicle (wh
ich will heal on it's own in a sling),
both hands are broken, a broken leg & ankle and internal bleeding. At 1:30 yesterday Kay called to let me know & he was in surgery at that time, they were looking for what was causing the bleeding, finally found the problem close to the colon. They did not close the wound but are leaving it open in case they need to go back in, he is intubated & sedated. They want to keep him like this until at least Wednesday or possibly longer just depends on how things go. Kay called me at 5 am this morning saying it had been a rough night. JD's blood pressure dropped so low they ended up giving him 3 pints of blood and he had started bleeding again so they are trying to find out where it is coming from again.
Surgery is to be done sometime today on his leg & ankle. If nothing else happens. They Are meeting with the hand surgeon sometime today, don't know yet when they will do the hands.
Wendy stayed with her Mom all day and Jody drove in from Lubbock and his employer has stated he is to stay as long as he is needed. Kay's boss came to the hospital and told her the same thing. Thank you Lord for the children being able to help.
Please pray for the surgeon's and staff that are helping Jerry and pray for God to reach down and lay his healing hands on JD. The Lord has all the power and can do all things as long as we believe. Pray for Kay & the children . I will post on their timeline as information comes in. Kay will be calling with updates. Please don't get your feelings hurt if you call & she doesn't answer....in ICU phones don't always work. They are blessed with many friends and they love us all, but she received so many calls yesterday Jody had to call some back,Kay was just exhausted . I promise to post as information becomes available and she will be checking her timeline so she will see your messages she just may not respond for a while.
Let's all contact our Prayer Warriors and pray, pray, PRAY.
Your friend in Christ,

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