Thursday, February 21, 2019

Update on Jay Anthony - 2/21

Austin just posted this updated on Jay:  There is no real progress on Dad these last two days. He is still very lethargic and sleeping 90% of the day and night. He got sick in the night on Tuesday night but thankfully that has subsided. We are working on getting a room in rehab at this hospital and hopefully we will be going there this weekend or early next week. They’re saying that he should be in rehab for 10-14 days. We are taking that with a grain of salt, because Mom was told the same thing and her rehab took 3 months. Thankfully, we have plenty of people helping around the clock to make sure things are taken care of here, at home and at the furniture store......The brain is a complex thing and no one can really tell us anything. No one is on the same page. We saw it with Mom and now we are seeing it again. Hopefully things will turn around soon. It would be very difficult to have two parents that need long term care. I will post an update as frequently as I can.

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