Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prayer Request - 7/20

This message is from Sherry Welch:  "Calling all prayer warriors! I will be seeing a doctor in Dallas tomorrow at 10 for a treatment plan for Renal Cell Carcinoma in my right kidney. I pray for it to be a "simple" (although it's only "minor" or "simple" if it's done on someone else!) cryosurgery, wherein the tumor would be frozen and eventually gobbled up and carried away by little warrior white blood cells (what an awesome God to have created everything to work like this), leaving only a tiny scar tissue in its place. I would appreciate your prayers during this time. I feel fine, just like before I knew this was going on inside me. It is not the cause of my weight loss. I went to my NP for a regular HbA1C checkup (5.9!!! yea!!!) and another issue that has been giving me problems and is the more likely cause of the weight loss. She wanted me to have a CT, which showed the tumor in my kidney, totally unexpected. It is tiny, but a biopsy last Thursday verified renal cell carcinoma, which is the most common kind of kidney cancer. A PET scan will be done to determine if any rogue cells are running around in me, and I pray they are not. All my bloodwork fell within normal ranges, and without the CT we would not have known about this little booger until much later.I was told to just keep on doing what I do every day, not to let this disrupt my activities. I'm so thankful I won't have to give up my reading and crochet!!! lol  Seriously, though, I covet your prayers to the Great Physician that all will be well."

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