Friday, July 22, 2016

Thank you!

We have a youth minister and youth group full of amazing, loving, hard working group of servants! They went to Boles Home this week to learn its heritage...and to learn of Jared's history with Boles.
The kids spent the week getting a better understanding of our church's vision as they lived it out every day.
Things they did include:  painting, staining 22 bookshelves, moving furniture, moving brush, using a chainsaw, deep cleaning daycare, digging holes, putting together playground equipment, mowing, building a basketball goal, power washing, sweeping, changing air filters, putting in a hot water tank.
This is a tired bunch of kids and sponsors!! Tell them how proud you are if you see them on Sunday!!
Those who went this week are:
  • Jared Baggett
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Lewis Anderson
  • Carole Anderson
  • Laura Cannon
  • Chandler Jones
  • Emma Fowler
  • Kori McLaughlin
  • Ruscha (friend of Kori’s)
  • Katey Vorwek
  • Macy Bryan
  • Kinnadiee Thatcher
  • Kaitlyn McCarter
  • Halee (friend of Kaitlyn’s)
  • Luke Fowler
  • Develon McMillan
  • Justin Welch
  • Kolton Welch
  • Mitchell Kelly (nephew of Laura Cannon)
  • Justin Cannon
  • Sam Cannon
  • Hayden Russell
  • Cade Blackmon


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