Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prayer Requests - 11/18 - 10:02am

Dianna Welch received a good report from the Dr. yesterday on her foot.  The swelling has gone down!

Debra Usry's heart test came back "abnormal".  Goes back Friday to the Dr. in Dallas to see what steps will be taken at this time.

Ronnie Cross had his heart cath yesterday evening and is doing well.

David Harris (my co-worker's Dad) is having open heart surgery today.  He had blockages of 92-98-99.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Matt Hanley will be having surgery on December 29th.  They will be removing a section of his intestine that has "died", as a result of his Crone's Disease.  Please keep he and his wife Allison in your prayers.

Dalton Young is continuing to recover from the gunshot wound to his head.  He is still in rehab, and is doing good.  He will have surgery within the week to have the section of his skull reattached.

Thank you to Dinah and the Week 3 Cooking Crew who prepared such a wonderful Thanksgiving meal last night! 

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