Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Update - 11/21 - 10:35pm

Patrick gave us a wonderful message about being thankful, this morning.  He told us that it's always good to stop and say "THANK YOU LORD", in our out loud voices!  He reminded us that "we are quick to pray, but, slow to praise".  But, we should always be praising the Lord.

As a reminder...due to the holiday this week we'll meet on TUESDAY night at 6:30.  No classes.  Everyone in the auditorium.

We extend our sympathy to Mitchell Hicks in the loss of his Mom, Hazelle Hicks, whose funeral was yesterday.

Doris Casey's funeral will be this Wednesday at Fry Gibbs Funeral Home.

Our sympathy also goes to the Aultman family in the death of their son Christopher.  (A 14 year old North Lamar student.)  He, his brother and a friend were in a car accident yesterday.  His services are pending at Starrett Funeral Home.

Gail Kennedy's sister, Teresa Faris,
 passed away suddenly this week in Dumas.
  • Kristi Nutt will have an MRI this Tuesday.  She's having really bad headaches.
  • Tammy Benedick was back at church this morning.  We're so glad that you are feeling better!
  • Ed Bullard is still in PRMC/South.
  • Grace Francis is still in PRMC/S with pneumonia.
  • Charles Wampler's Mom is in the late stages of cancer.
  • Haley Bulls has a stomach virus.
  • Curt Poore asked that we keep Ryan Wilson and his family in our prayers as they are dealing with the struggles of life's challenges.
  • Please keep Angela Heath (Tammy Huffman's friend) in your prayers for continued healing and that her chemo treatments go well.
  • Wayne Tolbert has been moved to PRMC/North for rehab.
JANUARY 2011:  Starting in January we will be starting the process of reaffirming our Elders and selecting new ones.

GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP: The topic "Making it Through The Holidays" will be discussed on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm in the Elders Conference Room.  (The dates are Dec 1-8-15.)  Invite anyone that you think might benefit from this group. Dr. Mike Bishop & Patrick Cannon will facilitate.

H.A.L.O. & Ladies Ornament Exchange:  December 9th at 6pm.  Bring your favorite finger food and a wrapped $5-7 Christmas ornament to play/fight over!  We are combining these 2 ladies events this year, due to the busyness of the holiday season.  Our H.A.L.O. project for this month is a food pantry item.

Secret Sister Revealing:  On December 12 at 3pm in Room 6, we'll reveal our identities to each other!  Please bring your final gift for your current Secret Sister.

HOLIDAY FOOD BASKETS: Gina Chilcoat, has once again, agreed to head up the Holiday Food Basket drive during December.  Starting this next Sunday (11/28) there will be forms on a table in the foyer.  Think of someone you know that could benefit from a Christmas Basket and fill out the form for them.  Once the form is complete, put in the box next to the forms.  If you have any questions, please give Gina a call at 580-320-5495.

PANTRY NEEDS:  Peanut Butter & Jelly

Nov 23: Mid-week service will be on Tuesday night, due to holidays.
Dec 4:   KFC (K-5th) Christmas Party at 7:30pm (details later)
Dec 7:   Rudolph Party (preschool) at 6:30pm (details later)
Dec 9:   H.A.L.O. & Ladies Ornament Exchange at 6pm
Dec 12: Secret Sister Revealing
Jan 9:  Faithful Readers
Jan 14-16: WinterFest

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