Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prayer Request - 9/21 - 1pm

Bad news/Good News Update on Dianna Welch:  The bad news is that there are 2 masses.  They NOT related to female "parts".  They don't know where they are, but they know that they need to come out ASAP (within 1-2 weeks).  The Dr. does think it's probably cancer, but won't know until surgery.
The GOOD news is the PET scan show that the masses have not grown and that the cancer doesn't show to be anywhere else!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!
Surgery is being scheduled.  There is concern that, since it is a major surgery, there are risks with her diabetes and infection, etc.  But the Dr. also said that it's her only option!
Please keep praying for her upcoming surgery....specific prayers for NO cancer and NO infection!

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