Friday, September 9, 2011

Prayer Request - 9/9/11 - 2:24pm

Lesa Bulls sent this message:  "Please send out an emergency prayer request for Coy Easton. (Coy is our Chris Easton's Mom and also the mother of Michelle Jenkins, Lesa's co-worker at Bailey.)  She has had a massive stroke and is in ICU on North campus. She is unable to talk and the drs say the left side of her brain is severely damaged, and she is unable to swallow as well. They are going to put in a feeding tube. She has numerous other health issues as well. They are doing a swallow test on her too." 
My co-worker's Mom, Sandra Oyler, has a collapsed lung.  She was Baylor/Dallas yesterday for testing and will see a pulmonary specialist this next week.  And, my co-workers aunt, Mary Pomroy, fell in the middle of the night and broke her wrist and injured her leg.  She is in PRMC/South.

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