Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prayer Requests - 9/6 - 10:13pm

Update on Phyllis Giguere:  The cultures on her infection came back and she had already been put on the correct antibiotic. She was out of surgery at about 8:45 to 9pm, last night. She had a wound vac in her abdomen. She will be there in the hospital at least 5 to 7 days more. BUT since the wound vac can be portable, they can go back to working on her PT/OT!

Mike Grigsby is at home!  They will be performing more tests in the days to come.

Frank McHam (co-worker's Dad) had a stent procedure on Friday....was released from the hospital on Saturday...and back at work TODAY!  God is SO good!

PRAISE God for the cooler temps...but we need to continue to PRAY FOR RAIN!  There are so many people here in Lamar County and ALL over Texas that have lost their homes and many acres of hay and other crops.

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