Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Update - 4/21

Response:  Jessica Harris went forward this morning, asking for prayers for her and her daughter as they continue the court proceedings this week.  And prayers for peace during this time.

* The Anthony Family finally has some great news!  Kristi will be leaving Pate Rehab and coming home THIS FRIDAY!!!!  She will continue her rehab with Pate, Monday through Friday, but she will get to be home at night and on weekends!
* Lilla Buchanan was admitted to PRMC this morning.
* Butch Mills continues to be at PRMC/507.
* Ed Bullard is recovering from surgery, this past week, and is now in PRMC for rehab.
* Don Thompson - PRMC - taking dialysis
* Neil Collard - Had stent surgery in March and is doing good.
* Rickey McFadden - is scheduled for back surgery on May 14 at Presbyterian/Dallas.
* Tom Wood - taking cancer treatments.
* Lance Johnson as he fights ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
* John Figgins - has finished his cancer treatments!
* Anna Zant - Health
* Jeanie Lamb - Cancer
* Lareece Maggard - Health
* Mike Marsters - Health
* Shane Welch - prayers for safe travel, tomorrow, as he comes home for Jordan and Nathan's wedding!
* Gene and Ruth Ann Stallings' daughter and son-in-law, Dr. David and Laurie Vanderpool will be moving to Haiti soon.  Please keep their family in your prayers for safety and success.
* Jane Cowan (Mark's Mom) received a pacemaker this week and isn't doing well at this time.
* Perry Bolton - Cancer (former member and Evelyn Perry's grandson)
* Lillian Welch (Mark Welch and Dianne McFadden's Mom) - Health
* Becky Lamberson (our co-worker at First Federal) was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and will be having surgery shortly.
* Lutreccia Lane (Bro.David Lane's Mom) attends MLK Church, she's had cancer since 1995, but it has come back and she's in serious condition.
*  Cheryl Brown (PHS teacher) asked for prayers for her husband, Christie. He is in PRMC in critical condition.
* Ridley Briggs (Margaret Lough's friend) is recovering from heart surgery.
* Ruth Thompson (College Street member) has been having complications with cancer and all treatments have been discontinued.
* Our sympathy is extended to the Nichols family as they mourn the death of their Dad, Bob.  He has 2 sons, Matthew and Phillip Nichols, in Paris schools.
* Wayne Kerby asked for prayers for 2 of his friends; Jamie McAllen who is ill and Wayne Noe who has a bed sore on his face.
* Please continue to remember those who were injured or killed in the bombing in Boston and the explosion in West, Texas.

We have many new little babies are due to arrive SOON to LACOC families.  Please keep the Moms and babies all healthy!

Please remember school students and teachers this week as they are taking/administering the STAAR test.

Congratulations to the Paris ISD students/teachers, including Bailey Cannon, who were in Austin this weekend with the Future Problem Solvers competition.  They are proudly bringing home 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place positions and will now travel to the international competitions this summer.

Do you have a CDL? There is a need for another driver for Sunday mornings. If you can help with this, please check with Wayne Kerby. Also...can you help maintain the vans? You don't have to DO the maintenance...just see that they are safe and ready at all times.

Simple Supper: Still only $2 per person. This weeks' entree is Hamburgers. If weren't able to sign-up, this morning, and would like to join us, call the church office by noon on Tuesday.

Pantry Needs: Soup w/meat and canned fruit

May 12: Faithful Readers
May 19: Senior Sunday
May 23: Kiddie Kollege Graduation - 6:30pm
June 8:  VBS - KFC and College Street partnering together 9-2pm at College St.
June 17-20: Camp Deer Run PeeWee Day Camp (ages 5-8 years)
June 28-July 6: Brazil Campaign (see Clint Spencer for details)


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