Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Update on Maverick Morris 3/1

Katie Morris posted this update this afternoon:
I know we are long past time for an update, but we have really just been doing a lot of waiting and attempting to be patient.
First off, Maverick is ONE MONTH OLD today and officially FOUR POUNDS!!!!
Mav has been receiving all of his nutrition from his IV for a week and a half, because we have been waiting for him to pass the rest of the contrast dye before starting his feeding again. Yesterday they started very small feedings (3ml) and he seems to be tolerating them, but still hasn’t pooped. Everything else has gone fantastic, but we still need prayers for his digestive motility issues. The doctors are still hoping that this problem fixes itself and they have done a couple of other things to push him in the right direction. Thank you for the prayers and support from all directions.

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