Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Update - 3/12

Thank you Patrick for the very uplifting message about JOY!!
Thank you Kyle for all the songs about JOY, and for bringing all the kids up to sing!!!

1. Recognize God is joyful!
2. Rehearse God's attributes in worship.
3. Reaffirm your commitment to others.
4. Reignite your passion for evangelism.
5. Release your problems to the Lord.
6. Remain close to joy!

RESPONSE:  Loretta Nabors asked for prayers for her upcoming back surgery in

  • Dusty and Katie Morris' baby son, Maverick, is getting stronger everyday.  Continue to pray for him to get stronger and for his lungs.
  • Sandra Leath - Broke her knee on Wednesday and had surgery on Thursday.  She is still in PRMC.
  • Mike Grigsby - Admitted to PRMC/ICU with an infection, on Friday afternoon.
  • Sherry Welch - Fell this week and "possibly" fractured her foot and sprained her wrist.
  • Sue Johnson - Health
  • Rhonda Brown - Health.
  • Lila Buchanan - Health.
  • Joel Casey is in PRMC/Room 462.
  • Vicki Humphey - Health
  • Selena and Sophia Johnson - they are in California for 6 months. Sophia has a broken ankle and will be off of it for 4 weeks.
  • Webber Woodall - Health
  • William and Lucy Offutt - Both of them are in bad health
  • Sherrie Boyd - Health
  • Kristie Anthony - Physical and mental health
  • Lance Johnson - ALS
  • Troops - Keep them safe
  • Elderly - Prayers for their safety and health.
  • Emergency Personnel - Keep them safe
  • Missionaries all over the world.
  • Janet Fouse - Breast cancer.  (Former member)
  • Sharon Nelson - Bone marrow cancer (Sabrina Thompson's Mom)
  • Jerry Smith - Cari Johnson and Robyn Figgins' dad has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Lennis McCollum, Tanya Welch's grandfather is in serious condition. 
  • Sierra Faulkner - 2 year old with inoperable brain tumor. She'll be in Irving for radiation treatments for 6 weeks, taking 31 treatments in addition to continuing chemo. (Friend of Molly's)
  • Tammy Huffman-Beazley (former member) has been diagnosed with cancer has started treatments.
  • Ross Floyd, step-son of Kathy Roden Floyd and son of Randy. At UTSWMC in ICU in serious condition.
  • Debbie Daniel (friend of Molly's) - Cancer
  • Kendall Hatanville from Roxton.  He has a hereditary kidney condition and continues to be in serious condition at UTSW/Dallas.
Butch Mills, Johnny Bassett, Carol Murphy, Roy Jones, Paul and Carol Helton, Carl Melton, Joel Casey, Louise Peace, Sarah Smith, Sarah Dene Goree, Donna Mosley, Carol Murphy.

BABY SHOWER:  Please join us Sunday, March 19th from 1:30pm to 3pm, at LACOC for Katie Morris and baby Maverick.  Selections are at Target, WalMart, Amazon and Paris Baby.  Wouldn't it be great if Maverick were home and able to join us on this day?????

LACOC LADIES DAY:  Be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday, March 25th, for our Ladies Day.  Becky Brooks, our special guest speaker, will be talking to us on the subject of "Esther... For Such A Time As This.".  Be sure to RSVP on the bulletin board by March 15th.

KIDS ACTIVITY BAGS:  Have you noticed the BLUE ACTIVITY BAGS hanging on the coat rack in the foyer???  (Amber Ryser and Kathy Daniels came up with this great idea and donation of the bags.)  These are for any child that needs something to "do" during worship, to help stop the "fidgets".  They only ask that you return the bags to the rack after services each week.  THANK YOU LADIES FOR THIS WONDERFUL IDEA!!

RAINBOW ROOM ITEMS: Trash bags and cleaners with bleach

 Spaghetti Sauce, Peanut Butter and Canned Fruit

Mar 13:  Life Group Leaders Wives Meet
Mar 19:  Katie Morris baby shower
Mar 25:  LACOC Ladies Day
Mar 24-26:  Junior High Retreat
Apr 14-16th:  LTC Convention in Dallas
Apr 16:  Easter
Apr 30:  5th Sunday and Celebration for the Cannon's
May 21: Senior Sunday
June 12-15:  Camp Deer Run PeeWee Camp

Love you - MEAN IT!

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